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The Hodder Fellowship/ How to Apply ($92,000 + More)

The Hodder Fellowship, is a great opportunity offered by Princeton University.

The Hodder fellowship provides writers and non-literary artists with the time and resources to pursue independent projects.

Designed for individuals who exhibit exceptional promise, this fellowship allows artists to immerse themselves in their creative work during the academic year.

Eligibility for the Hodder Fellowship

  • The Hodder Fellowship is open to writers and non-literary artists of exceptional promise.
  • Potential fellows include composers, choreographers, performance artists, visual artists, writers, translators, and other kinds of artists or humanists.
  • Applicants are selected based on their promise rather than past performance.
  • Most successful candidates have published a first book or achieved similar milestones in their fields.
  • Advanced degrees are not required.
  • Non-U.S. citizens can apply, and there is no age limit. However, individuals who have received a Princeton Arts Fellowship are not eligible.
  • Additionally, concurrent teaching positions at other institutions are not allowed during the fellowship.

Application Process

  • Opens: July 1, 2024
    – Deadline: September 10, 2024, at 11:59 P.M. E.T.
  • Application Submission; Submit through AHIRE.
    Required Documents: Provide a detailed CV outlining your career and achievements.
    In 500 Words describe your artistic project and plans for the fellowship’s 10-month appointment.
  • Work Samples: Include relevant samples with a brief 150-word statement on their relation to the proposal.
  • You should upload your work samples and statement as a single PDF, with a maximum size of 10MB.
  • The PDF can include links to external files.
  • Additionally, provide access passwords if necessary.

The Hodder Fellowship

Submission Guidelines

  • For Creative Writing, submit prose up to 3000 words or poetry up to 20 pages. If submitting both, provide up to 2000 words of prose and 10 pages of poetry.
  • For Dance (Choreography), provide 1 to 3 links to complete works with cue points; only continuous footage is accepted.
  • For Music, submit 1-2 scores and/or performance links totaling 10 minutes.
  • For Theater, provide a 10-15-page writing sample, 15-20 design images, or a video/audio reel with cue points.
  • For Visual Arts, submit up to 20 still images or up to 10 still images and 5 minutes of video.
  • In addition, Upload contact information for three recommenders. However, recommendations will most likely not be contacted.

Fellowship Details

  • The Hodder Fellowship spans one 10-month academic year. During this period, fellows receive an annual stipend of $92,000.
  • Additionally, they are awarded $5,000 for research expenses.
  • More so, Princeton provides visa sponsorship for work authorization for non-U.S. citizens.


For more information and to apply, visit the Hodder Fellowship page on the Princeton University website.

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