The Happy Noisemaker Prize for Storytelling (Prize: $1800)

The Happy Noisemaker Prize for Storytelling is inviting African writers to participate in its first-ever edition. 

The brainchild of Jola Ayeye, Happy Noisemaker is a social commentary, humour and lifestyle blog. It’s a joyful corner of the internet, housing articles, a book club, a burgeoning writers launchpad and ecosystem, and lots of recommendations. The goal is to create amazing content that sparks joy and encourages conversations. In partnership with Busha, The Happy Noisemaker is calling for all African writers to submit to her storytelling Prize.

The Happy Noisemaker Prize for Storytelling Announcement

Submission Guidelines for The Happy Noisemaker Prize for Storytelling


$1,000 for the First Prize Winner,  while the second and third winners get $500 and $300 respectively.

Special Category

This is a special Category sponsored by their partners – BUSHA.

To be eligible for the Busha Category to win a prize of $300:

  • Sign up on Busha
  • Use the referral code ‘BushaXHNM’
  • Write a compelling story of not more than 1500 words that delves into this unique encounter with yourself:“You’re sitting with your teenage self and have financial knowledge that can change your life forever. However, you have to convince yourself to accept all your financial advice without divulging that you’re you from the future.”

Deadline for the Happy Noisemaker Prize for Storytelling

Submissions close on 15th September, 2023.

To learn more about the prize, visit the Instagram page. Good luck.

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