The Blacklight Magazine Is Currently Accepting Pitches (Pay: $1-$2 per word)
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The Blacklight Magazine Is Currently Accepting Pitches (Pay: $1-$2 per word)

The Blacklight, the New York Amsterdam News’ investigative unit, is looking for experienced freelance journalists. 

Currently, they are accepting pitches for stories about the impact of COVID-19 as well as gun violence on Black and brown communities, especially in New York City.

They primarily work with journalists based in New York City but we are also open to pitches from journalists based outside the region. However, they require all their.     freelance journalists to have a connection to, an understanding of, or an experience reporting on Black and brown communities in the United States and/or New York City.

Submission Guidelines For The Blacklight

  • Please send story ideas to along with a brief introduction as well as your CV and some clips.
  • In your pitch you should point out what your story is about, who is being impacted, and if there are solutions to the challenges that you are writing about.
  • You should also mention if someone else has covered your story. If so, you will have to point out what makes your own story different or deeper than the other[s].
  • In your pitch, you should make it clear who the main subjects or sources that you will be interviewing/profiling are. Are they willing to go on the record and be identified?
  • Also, what do you see as the ideal length for your story and what is your proposed timeline for reporting and submitting a first draft? These are things the Blacklight will take into consideration.


Their pay rates are as follows:

For fact checks they pay – $250+ for 500-1000 (1-2 interviews, 1-2 days of research)

Medium length Articles – $1 per word (800 to 1,500 words, 2 to 4 interviews)

Long form Articles – $2 pet word or flat commission fee (1,500+ words, 4+ interviews)

More questions? Please visit this page.

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