The Berkley Open Submission Program is now accepting entries

The open submission program by Berkley strives to publish commercial fiction that reflects the world as it is and to bring readers stories that encompass a full range of backgrounds, experiences and unique perspectives.

The Berkley Open Submission Program

With the Berkley Open Submission Program they are opening a direct submission channel in the hopes of reaching more potential authors. They are inviting submissions from all writers, including those sharing underrepresented stories in regards to race, national origin, religion, age, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability. They hope to discover new talent and share their works with the world.

“We believe in publishing books from a wide variety of voices and hope giving un-agented authors easier access to our submission process will help us discover work from the widest possible community of writers. The Berkley list is strongest when it reflects the diversity of the world we live in,” said Berkley Vice President and Editor-in-Chief Claire Zion.

They  are looking for full-length adult novels in the following genres: romance, women’s fiction, mystery, suspense and thrillers, horror, science fiction, and fantasy.



Submission Guidelines for the Berkley Open Submission Program


1.       Submissions will only be accepted during the announced submission window. Submissions sent outside of this time frame will not be considered.

2.       Authors must be unagented. If an offer for publication is made, authors may seek an agent to represent them before negotiations.

3.       Projects may only be submitted once.

4.       Authors may only make submissions for works they have completed.

5.       Submissions must include a 1-page synopsis, the first 10 pages of the manuscript, an author bio, and a query letter with links to social media platforms, if applicable, and any other information you wish the editors to consider. A query letter is an introductory one page letter that tells an editor something about the story, something about the writer, and why Berkley should publish the book.

Deadline for Submission is January 9th, 2022. 

Following the close of this submission, they would announce when their windows would be open again. 

One comment

  • David Guth

    Jan 14, 2022 at 5:38 pm

    Dear Editor:

    Please withdraw my submission “Thirteen Minutes: Death of an American High School” from further consideration. I have signed a contract to publish the novel with another company.

    I appreciate your consideration of my submission and wish you well for the future.

    David Guth


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