16 Jul, 2024

How Long Is A Short Story?: A Guide On How To Write A Short Story.

The short story form is in high demand. Many writers want to learn how to write a short story. Also, many writers wonder how long is a short story? In this article, Tega explains everything he learned from prolific writer TJ Benson. Wrapped in short story examples are nuggets on short story outlines, elements writing […]

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Chimamanda Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus Creative Writing Workshop 2018—How To Apply (Updated)

We are pleased to announce that Chimamanda Adichie‘s prestigious creative writing workshop has finally returned. The creative writing workshop  will no longer be called the Farafina Trust Writing Workshop. Its new name is the Purple Hibiscus Creative Writing Workshop. Beautiful name  I must say. The Trace Nigeria-sponsored workshop will run from 20th – 30th November […]

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The 2019 Commonwealth Short Story Prize—Apply (Prizes: £17,500)

The Commonwealth Short Story Prize has opened for submissions. This prize will be awarded to the best unpublished piece of fiction written by writers from commonwealth countries. Translated stories will be considered for this award. If you attended this free online creative writing course, you probably learned enough to help you win any international short […]

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Writing Tips: The Power Of The Right Point Of View

Let’s talk about the right Point Of View (POV) Writers, Point Of View is as important to you as chicks to a mother hen! Guard it jealously! You may fail in grammar, punctuation, write a novel filled with plot holes, include enough expository dialogue to choke a main drain, and you’ll still capture readers if […]

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Short Story Master Class 4: All About The Theme Of Your Story

We have come to the last part of this master class series. Click to read Part 1 , Part 2 and Part 3, if you missed them. Else scroll down to continue reading Part 4. When it comes to fiction, what do the terms thematic concept and thematic statement mean? Both make up the theme. […]

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Short Story Master Class Part 2: What Makes a Good Story?

If you missed Part 1, you might want to CLICK HERE to read.   Most times, as writers, we focus on the art of writing, neglecting the art of storytelling or story-crafting. A lot of us are good writers, but some of us have trouble telling a good story. When your writing is up to […]

19 mins read

Short Story Master Class 1: Parts Of A Story

By Charles Opara When you think of a story, think of a string of pearls, a necklace. The entire string is the plot and the pearls are the scenes. The plot is the string that threads the scenes, the pearls, and keeps them connected. The piece of string between two pearls contains the not-so- significant events in […]

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