Should Hymar David Be Commissioned To Write A Memoir?
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Should Hymar David Be Commissioned To Write A Memoir?

Everyone who reads a lot of African literature will agree that there is a shortage of memoirs by African writers. In the past few years, we have had a chance to enjoy Binyavanga Wainaina’s One Day I Will Write About This Place, Chinua Achebe’s There Was A Country and Julius Bokuru’s The Angel That Was Always There.

How we thoroughly enjoyed reading them. And I’ll never forget all the controversy and discussions that surrounded those works. So why aren’t publishers publishing more memoirs by Africans?

Most writers have taken to sharing their works on Facebook. Hymar David is one of such writers. He started a website/blog series where he writes fiction and non-fiction about himself and his experience  of living with a hearing impairment. Here’s an excerpt.

Hymar David Pa It got so many shares and likes and I could see why. I wanted to read more about his experience especially because he had accomplished a lot in a Sub-Saharan country that seems plagued by terrorism and economic depression. You can read the rest of I Cannot Hear What You Are Saying HERE. Here’s another excerpt of one of his stories.

Hymar David MaziNeed I say more? I think this dude deserves a publishing deal. What do you think?

You can visit Hymar David at

All the best to Hymar. And I can’t wait to read more of his stories.

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