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Sentinel Nigeria Magazine

Sentinel Literary Movement of Nigeria, publishers of Sentinel Nigeria, have announced the release the fifth edition of its Sentinel Nigeria Magazine.

The Editor-in-Chief, Richard Ali opened this edition with his beautiful treatise, an editorial on Memory. In that editorial, he discusses some of the published works in this edition of the literary journal. But I love the part where he says that every writer is an alchemist. True!

This edition features great writers –both amateurs and professionals- such as: Adebayo Rayo, Toni Kan, Dami Ajayi, Emmanuella Nduonofit, Chris Abani, Kólá Túbòsún, Emmanuel Iduma, Abubakar Adam Ibrahim and a host of others. There are also inspiring interviews written by Unoma Azuah.

Click HERE to read the fifth edition of Sentinel Nigeria Magazine.

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