Nightmare Magazine Is Accepting Prose Submissions/ How To Submit (Pay: $0.08/ word)
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Nightmare Magazine Is Accepting Prose Submissions/ How To Submit (Pay: $0.08/ word)

Nightmare Magazine emerges as a distinguished haven for horror and dark fantasy enthusiasts. As an award-winning publication, they are asking both seasoned and emerging writers to explore the realms of terror and the supernatural. 

Under the editorial guidance of Shirley Jackson award-nominated writer and Locus award-nominated editor Wendy N. Wagner, the magazine curates monthly blend of original short stories, flash fiction, poetry, and more. Nightmare is not just a magazine; it’s an exploration of where horror originated, where it stands today, and where it is headed.

The magazine continues to be a torchbearer for horror literature, it invites writers to contribute their nightmares, creating a magazine that transcends the boundaries of fear.


Submission Guidelines For Nightmare Magazine 

  • This magazine takes pride in being a repository for diverse horror fiction. From chilling zombie tales to haunting psychological horrors, it endeavors to encapsulate the entire spectrum of dark fantasy. 
  • While the magazine’s appetite for horror is vast, there are boundaries. They do not accept works that have already been published elsewhere. 
  • It seeks fresh, spine-tingling short stories that have not yet ventured into the public domain. They just want writers to submit works that breathe life into uncharted territories of fear.
  • The length for prose submissions can reach up to 7,500 words. 
  • Click here to submit your best work.


Author Rights


They acknowledges the value of authorship. Upon acceptance, the magazine acquires specific rights, including exclusive first serial rights in North America and the irrevocable right to reproduce and distribute the work in its original format. Authors retain copyright but agree to include a suitable credit when republishing. 



How Much Does Nightmare Magazine Pay Contributors?


For the creative souls who contribute to the nightmare-inducing narratives, Nightmare Magazine compensates with a rate of $0.08 per word. 




Nightmare Magazine unveils specific reading periods for submissions. The magazine window for BIPOC-identifying writers will be open from January 21-27. 


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