Remote Job Opportunities For Writers: Cards Against Humanity & NerdWallet
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Remote Job Opportunities For Writers: Cards Against Humanity & NerdWallet

As much as writers want inspiration, they also want job opportunities. As much as possible, we will be featuring remote writing and editing job opportunities on Creative Writing News. Keep sharing and keep sending them .  Thank you.

  1. Writer Wanted At NerdWallet

If you are the kind of writer who loves to put out engaging and satisfying finance-related content, then NerdWallet might hire you.

Before you apply, make sure you’re the kind of writer who:

  • Consistently sharpens their writing skills, voice and style.
  • Is willing to go beyond reporting and writing
  • Will be willing to spend a great deal of time optimizing SEO-friendly content to attract target audience to your articles.

What Will You Gain?

  • Competitive payment package
  • 100% paid premiums for medical, dental and eye treatments for employees and their dependents
  • Emoluments even when you’re on maternity and paternity leave
  • Transportation, gymnasium and mobilephone stipends
  • A $500 enrichment stipend for job-related trainings
  • And much more. Visit their site to see their extensive list of benefits.

How to apply for this writing job:

Fill out the application form on the NerdWallet Website or Click HERE.

Good luck.



  1. Contributing Writers Wanted At Cards Against Humanity

Do you have a knack for writing short messages, vignettes and jokes for cards? Then I have great news for you. Cards Against Humanity could hire you to join their growing team of new writers.


Cards for humanity is currently hiring remote contributors, so send in your resume. You could make as much as $40 per hour doing what you love from the comfort and privacy of your home.


How To Apply:

  • Fill Out The Application For on the Cards For Humanity Site.
  • Send your best fifteen white cards and five best black cards.
  • Deadline For Submissions: August 31st.


If you are from a historically marginalized community (people of color, LGTBQ people and immigrants anywhere in the world), please send in your entry.


Good luck to you.


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