Opportunities for Aviators — Write For Plane & Pilot Magazine

Plane & Pilot is a monthly issued magazine that publishes works from multiple contributors. Plane & Pilots invites aviators who are well educated, hard working, articulate and opinionated. They want to hear your unique and diverse stories. You don’t have to be a published writer to contribute to Plane & Pilot- just a pilot who has a good story to tell. They can help as much as needed in finessing your story into a finished piece.
They are looking for pieces centered on the following:
• Lessons Learned about Flying (and About Life): This piece will run from 1400-1600 words and tell the first-person tale of an extraordinary flight. Many of their stories have involved a close call or a deeply moving experience one had while flying, or both of those things. Even low-time pilots have stories to tell for this space.
• Airfare: This space is a first-person story of what it’s like to do your aviation job. Astronaut, crop duster pilot, hurricane hunter, combat fighter jock—the sky’s literally the limit. The piece might be about a typical day in the life, but if it is, it should be written in a way that gets across the big picture, too.
• Risk: Are you a CFI or professional pilot who has an interesting and insightful take on how pilots can all reduce their risk? They’re looking for one in-depth topic for this one. Previous Risk columns have explored subjects from the need for smart go-arounds to how to cut your risk as a volunteer medical transport pilot. About 1400 words.
• Bucket List: In this short piece, readers tell about a great item they’ve crossed off their individual aviation bucket list. The story should give the background of the type of plane or type of flying (“What is a Lockheed Electra?” for instance, or, “What is wing suit flying all about?”) while explaining why the item mattered to you. Just 700 words!
• The Tip Line: The Tip Line shares a single good tip with our readers about how to fly more safely, affordably or rewardingly. You don’t have to be a CFI to submit a tip, but they would love to hear from our readers who are professional instructors with their personal favorite. One tip per story, nice and easy. Just 400 words.
Please note that ‘Plane & Pilot’ only covers today’s general aviation flying. They won’t have a place for stories about commercial aviation or space flight (with the possible exception of AirFare). Other topics they don’t cover are product reviews, book reviews, tributes, memoirs, poetry, fiction, academic papers or anything promotional in nature.

• Pay for reader-submitted Risk and Airfare stories is $260.
• Pay for Lessons Learned and Bucket List is $101.
Payment is made after your story has been published.
Writers and contributors who prefer not to be paid are also welcome.
Submissions should be sent along with a short cover email to [email protected] and the file attached as an MS Word document.

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