Religion Unplugged Is Accepting Book Reviews And More/ How To Submit (Pay: $300)
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Religion Unplugged Is Accepting Book Reviews And More/ How To Submit (Pay: $300)

Religion Unplugged is a news organization dedicated to covering religion stories from around the world.

They publish at least one story daily on their website and accept submissions from freelancers. You might want to read this article on Tips For Making Your Writing Perfect.


Submission Guidelines For Religion Unplugged

  • Pitches are limited to four per month to accommodate a larger number of writers.
  • Pitches should be sent to Clemente Lisi, the executive editor, at
  • All payments are in U.S. dollars.


What They Want

News Features: Detailed non-fiction writing covering a single topic related to religion or faith. These pieces feature multiple interviews and can include profiles of people, places, or organizations.

  • 801 words and up: $300
  • 600 to 800 words: $200

Opinion Columns/Essays/Analysis: Commentary pieces expressing the strong, informed opinion of the writer on a particular issue. These can include interviews and observations to support the argument. You can visit this article on Essay Writing Tips.

  •  800 to 1,000 words: $200

Film & TV Reviews: Reviews of new movies or TV programs, evaluating and providing a journalist’s opinion.

  • 800 words and up: $200

Art Reviews: Evaluations of paintings, sculptures, or photography, particularly those on display in museums, galleries, and exhibitions. This can include artwork and history inside houses of worship.

  • 800 words and up: $200

Book Reviews: book reviews of recently-written books released in the current calendar year.

  • 800 words and up: $200

Photos/Video/Audio: Rates depend on the duration, quality, and topic.

  • Price: Negotiable


What They Don’t Want

  • Reviews of movies, TV programs, or books that are not new or not released in the current calendar year.
  • Pitches exceeding four per month from the same writer.


Eligibility Criteria For Religion Unplugged 

  • Open to all freelancers interested in writing about religion and faith.
  • There is no entry fee.



Payments range from $200 to $300, depending on the type and length of the submission.

More questions? You can visit Religion Unplugged’s social media page.



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