The Winners…

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The winners of the Creative Wings short story contest have emerged. Their stories will be published on five big literary blogs – Bookaholicblog, Guerrilla basement,Y !Naija, Beautiful Wings and Creative writing news. The winners will also get other fabulous prices (autographed copies of award-winning novels and Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’).

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Why the winners won…

Everyone always asks why the winners won at the end of every contest. This process of evaluation and introspection can help any diligent and committed person improve remarkably. It is for this reason; I have decided to paste the judge’s comments here for your consumption.

Kindly find pasted below, the judge’s comments on the two best entries.

Judges comments: Our first prize story ‘W is for Waiting’ by Fego Martins Ahia is a beautiful story that portrays the relationship between the girls and their parents. The author depicts the oedipal complex where girls love their daddies intensely, see them as their heroes and will believe no wrong about them. We can see the girls pushing their mother’s buttons as a lot of girls will secretly admit they deliberately do. This is cleverly shown by the author as well. The resolution is touching and so true to life as most girls grow up to find that their invincible, hero-like dads whom they immortalized, revered and idolized are mere mortals with flaws like everyone else. Good job Fego. I enjoyed reading this!

Judges comments: Our second prize story ‘Slum Diary’ by Nwilo Bura-Bari Vincent takes us on a trip into the psyche of a young boy and his strategy for thriving in the slums. The reader while enjoying the story is compelled to feel great empathy for this juvenile whose experience is simply a microcosm of the experiences of his kind all over the world. Only a child can truly see something to look forward to in the life that the main character in the story leads. We all can identify with his hopes, dreams and aspirations, maybe not in the way that he does but in a similar way, we draw strength to live one more day and try one more time to overcome the challenges that are inevitable in our individual journeys through life. Nwilo has succeeded in creating a credible work of literature. Well done!

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