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Authors League Fund/ How to Apply (Award : TBA)

Authors League Fund is Supporting Writers in Needs through this funding!

The Authors League Fund is a vital resource for writers facing emergency circumstances. As a non-profit organization, they provide temporary and modest assistance to career writers in need. Their goal is to help authors overcome financial obstacles and focus on their craft.


Authors League Fund

Eligibility for Authors League Funds

  • They support writers with a substantial body of work in various categories, including.
  • Authors with at least one traditionally published book
  • Journalists, critics, essayists, short story writers, and poets with a significant presence in national publications
  • Dramatists with produced or published full-length plays
  • Librettists/book writers of musicals and operas

Submission Guidelines

· Applications reopen on June 17 at 9 am EST
· Download the Crisis Advice Guide for support in the meantime
· Read the guidelines and FAQ page before applying


Their assistance is non-taxable and charitable, providing emergency support for writers facing:

· Illness or supporting a dependent family member in ill health
· Overwhelming medical bills
· Housing insecurity
· Natural disasters
· Major income loss

They prioritize writers with urgent needs, especially those who are sick, older, or mid-career. Family members or close friends can assist with the application process for writers with cognitive decline.

Important Notes:

  • They do not assist with self-published or vanity press works
  • More so, they do not support screenwriters, songwriters, or lyricists
    · Our assistance cannot be used for professional expenses

By providing temporary support, we aim to help writers overcome financial hurdles and continue creating. Apply now and take the first step towards getting the help you need.

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