Oriki Podcast Contest/ How to submit (175$+publication)

Oriki is a Podcast and Audio content development and marketing, platform launched to help Africans tell their stories better.

They are offering young writers, the opportunity to have their short stories or flash fiction stories considered for publication as audio short stories on their Oriki Podcasts platform.

The Contest

  • Oriki is currently inviting aspiring entrants to treat themes of the competition through a various genres of fiction and creative nonfiction that appeals to them.


  • The entries must have strong entertainment value, messages and hopefully peculiar creative devices to help prod new areas of conversations, reflection and possibly social impact in their communities as much as around Nigeria.
  • Every month the 12 best stories of between 2000 words and 5000 words shall be selected, professionally a team of editors, produced for audio listening on  the podcast platform while also being highly promoted on social and other digital media channels.


  • The best four stories based on listeners feedback will be compiled into an expertly designed E-book anthology distributed through all relevant digital retail channels.

    Who is Eligible for Oriki podcast contest

  • This is open to writers of African descent living at home or abroad.
  • They must be between the ages of 18 and 40.
  • Entry is also limited to debut or emerging writers with no more than one published novel, or collection of short stories.

    Guidelines To Submit

  • Your submitted manuscript must be previously unpublished in print or online, including on personal blogs.
  • It must not have been granted an ISBN number.
  • They will not welcome simultaneous submissions to other anthologies for a period of 4 months after each submission.
  • Your manuscript should be properly formatted (Ms Word or Google Doc. Double-spaced, left-justified only, 12pt Serif font in Courier New.)
  • Please note that they do not accept physical submissions nor do they entertain enquiries on any submission that has been made.
  • Selection will be made by the editors, and their decision will be final.
  • They will offer personalized feedback to everyone who submitted a story for consideration. Ultimately, only 12 stories will be selected every month.


  • The Author of any work selected as part of the 12 monthly stories shall receive a $25 grant
  • As a start-up, Oriki regrets that they cannot do more for now but writers will reserve right to be named as the author of their story and still be put into consideration for one of the four monthly winners.
  • Each author will receive a link to their work once it has been put up on the Oriki podcast platform, in order to gain social media support for their writing.
  • The authors of the four best new stories chosen by editors and listenership could then earn an additional one time$150 compensation for their work to be progressed to E-book edition or be entitled to on-going sales royalties on the published E-book and any subsequent print editions at 60% of monthly net sales revenue payable quarterly in arrears to the author for the period of 5 years.
  • All payments are made through a Paypal account which must be owned by the author or international bank account transfer details also owned by the author.

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