OpenCon 2016 Is Here. Apply Now!
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OpenCon 2016 Is Here. Apply Now!

OpenCon is the conference and community for students and early career professionals interested in advancing Open Access, Open Education and Open Data. OpenCon 2016 will be held on November 12-14 in Washington, DC. Each year, OpenCon brings together a diverse, representative, and engaged group of participants, with travel scholarships available to most participants. For this reason, attendance at OpenCon 2016 is by application only.

The benefits of applying for OpenCon 2016 extend far beyond attending the Washington, DC meeting. It’s an opportunity to find collaborators, get connected with scholarships to attend related conferences, and be recognized by the community for the work you do to promote Open Access, Open Education and Open Data. To find out more about OpenCon before applying, click here. To learn more about these issues, click here.

Applications are due by Monday July 11 at 11:59pm U.S. Pacific Time.

Note: information you provide is subject to the OpenCon Privacy Policy, and questions marked with a caret (^) will be released as Open Data. All questions are required unless otherwise noted, and answers should be written in English. Applications will be reviewed by alumni of past OpenCon conferences, and final decisions will be made by our Organizing Committee.

Please visit: to apply.

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