Noema Magazine Is Currently Accepting Literary Pieces/How To Submit (Pay: $1 per word)
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Noema Magazine Is Currently Accepting Literary Pieces/How To Submit (Pay: $1 per word)

Noema Magazine is an award-winning magazine that is devoted to exploring the transformations sweeping our world.

They are known to publish essays, interviews, reportage, videos and art on the overlapping realms of philosophy, geopolitics, economics, technology and culture. 

Are you a writer with compelling content about philosophy, technology, culture, geopolitics, economics, governance and more? Bring it to Noema Magazine, they are interested in publishing such pieces.

In doing so, their unique approach is to get out of the usual lanes and cross disciplines, and cultural boundaries. From artificial intelligence and the climate crisis to the future of democracy and capitalism, Noema Magazine seeks a deeper understanding of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century.

They publish their magazines online and in print by the Berggruen Institute. Noema Magazine grew out of a previous publication called The WorldPost, which was first a partnership with HuffPost and later with The Washington Post.

Did you know that in ancient Greek, noēma means “thinking” or the “object of thought?” This is related to their intention is to delve deeply into the critical issues transforming the world today, at length and with historical context, in order to illuminate new pathways of thought in a way not possible through the immediacy of daily media.

Noema Magazine publishes thoughtful, rigorous, adventurous pieces by voices from both inside and outside the institute. They are committed to using journalism to help build a more sustainable and equitable world. However, they do not promote any particular set of national, economic or partisan interests.


Submission Guidelines For Noema Magazine

  • If you have literary pieces which include interviews, short stories, pitches, essays, etc; you can submit it to them.
  • If you are interested, please send your pitches, drafts for essays, reported features, interviews, or fiction short stories to 
  • If your work is accepted you will hear from them within a month.



$1 per word.

For more information please visit their website.


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