At the end of last year, I didn’t reflect so much on my accomplishments in 2012. Not that I wasn’t thankful for them –for I was very thankful- but I was more concerned with new goals.
These new resolutions, born out of determination to accomplish greater things, seem a little daunting to me. But I shall write them anyway. I will do all that is in my power and then, leave the rest God and fate. Here are my resolutions:
1)      Keep the resolutions short, simple and realistic. Sometimes, less is more. And when you apply yourself daily to little habits – reading a chapter a day, writing a thousand words a day etc.- you realise that a thousand trees make a forest.
2)      Since I can’t afford to pay for an MFA, I shall write more, sub more and crit more on my critique circle. Participating in a critique group can be helpful to a budding writer, if he/she finds one that suits them. The other writers in the group offer encouraging feedback. My (online) critique circle constitutes writers from all over the world, from different generations and various professions. I have encountered the works of pushcart prize nominees, retired engineers, professor emeritus’, former creative writing teachers etc. These people have submitted stories and given insightful feedbacks on submissions. Although, most people have reservations about critique groups, I think it all depends on what each writer needs. I figured that since I was actively writing and constantly requiring feedback from ever-busy friends, that I might just trade and barter critiques and submissions.
For a list of critique groups, click HERE or visit the WRITING WORLD.
3)      Ensure that reading lists constitute works written and published before the 70’s -yes strictly classics. I understand that accomplishing this will come with its difficulties but I shall do my best. Last month, I went to secondhand bookstore and purchased all (but one) of the Margaret Atwood novels I could find, all the D.H. Lawrence novels and short stories, and others, that I could find. Daily, I have been trying to take them one chapter at a time.
4)      Get my just completed romance novel published. But I shan’t dwell too much on accomplishing this because I have contented myself with knowing that I have done my best-and fate or chance or luck might take a hand. I can only hope for the best and continue writing, whatever happens.
5)      Show gratitude to all my writerly friends for inspiring and mentoring me all these years.
6)      Follow steps 1, 2, 3,4 and 5 religiously.
Best wishes.

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