Join Us for A Tweet Meet With the Author of Onye Gba Nkiti

This Friday, the 31st of July, 2020, we will be having a tweet-meet with Ndubuisi George, the author of Onye Gba Nkiti. The theme for the tweet-meet is “Writing Back Home: The Igbo Literature Neo-Renaissance”.

About the Book

Onye Gba Nkiti is a new book written in Igbo. The book is a brilliant look at how the Chi (the Personal Spirit of an individual) is crucial to an individual’s self development. It uses colourful images to tell a wonderful story that both young and older readers will find very interesting. 

The book was published by Purple Shelves; the tweet meet is also powered by them.

The Tweet-Meet

Join us as we talk about what it means to write back home, why writers are now writing in the Igbo language, as well as the reasons for this awakening, and what impact this would have on the culture and the language.

Date: the 31st of July, 2020.

Time: 6pm – 7pm.

Follow @cwritingnews (Creative Writing News), @Ndujorj (Ndubuisi George), and @purpleshelves on Twitter. Use the #OnyeGbaNkiti hashtag.

About the author of Onye Gba Nkiti

Ndubusi George was born in 1969 at Agulu in Anambra State, Nigeria, into the extended Anyanwo family. His research on interracial cohabitation in a fast evolving global village as he took up employment in Germany ignited special interest in international migration, and it’s effects on African migrants. He is the author of Woes of Ikenga and Onye Gba Nkiti. He has written in German, English and, now, in Igbo.

We can’t wait to chat with Ndubuisi George and to have you people join us. There would also be an opportunity for you to ask him your questions. We hope to see you!

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