JGIM Editorial Fellowship 2024 is Accepting Applications/ How to Apply (Reward: TBA)
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JGIM Editorial Fellowship 2024 is Accepting Applications/ How to Apply (Reward: TBA)

JGIM Editorial Fellowship 2024 is currently accepting applications!

If you are an aspiring academic writer looking to be more involved in the peer review and editorial processes,  then this information is valuable to you!

The Journal of General Internal Medicine (JGIM) Editorial Fellowship is open. Designed to equip participants with invaluable skills and experiences, this fellowship offers a unique opportunity to enhance your career in academic writing and editing. Let’s explore the key details of this prestigious program.



Eligibility for  JGIM Editorial Fellowship


  • Applicants must have completed either an MD or PhD.
  • Attendance at the 2025 SGIM Annual Meeting is encouraged but not mandatory.
  • In addition, travel and registration expenses for the SGIM Annual Meeting are not covered by the fellowship.
  • No honorarium is provided for participation in the fellowship.



Submission Guidelines

  • To apply for the JGIM Editorial Fellowship, please submit the following materials as PDF files by 5:00 PM ET, June 15, 2024
  • More so, professional CV showcasing your academic and professional achievements.
  • Letter of Intent/personal statement (limit 500 words) detailing your interest in the fellowship and your career goals.
  • More so, a letter of recommendation and/or a letter from your supervisor affirming their commitment to providing protected time for your participation in the fellowship is needed.
  • Ensure all materials are submitted promptly to be considered for this esteemed opportunity.
  • Apply using the provided application link! 

JGIM Editorial Fellowship


  • Gain hands-on experience in editing and reviewing manuscripts.
  • Opportunity to network with experienced writers, editors and SGIM members.
  • Potential for publication as an Associate Editor at JGIM upon successful completion of the fellowship.

Fellowship Expectations

  • During the fellowship appointment, JGIM Editorial Fellows will be expected to Complete designated online editorial manager training modules.
  • Perform peer reviews on submitted manuscripts under mentor guidance.
  • Manage submitted articles with mentor support.
  • Participate in monthly Fellowship meetings and editorial journal clubs.
  • Compose editorial content for JGIM publication.
  • Attend JGIM Editorial Board Meetings and Associate Editor events.
  • Application Process: The application process opens on April 3, 2024.
  • Notification of acceptance will be sent no later than July 5, 2024


For inquiries or further information, contact Jenni Clarkson, Managing Editor of JGIM, at jgim@iupui.edu.


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