J.F. Powers Prize for Short Fiction 2021/How To Apply (Prize: $750)
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J.F. Powers Prize for Short Fiction 2021/How To Apply (Prize: $750)

The editors of Dappled Things are happy to announce that submissions for this year’s J.F. Powers Prize for Short Fiction are now open.

The J.F Powers Prize for Short Fiction seeks to honor examples of excellent short story writing from a Catholic perspective. The prize is sponsored by Dappled Things: A Quarterly of Ideas, Art, and Faith.

The guidelines for the contest call for “carefully crafted short stories with vivid characters who encounter grace in everyday settings.”


J.F. Powers

Named after one of the greatest writers of the 20th-century Catholic literary renaissance–often called a writer’s writer–the contest aims to honor his legacy by awarding stories that, like the priests he wrote about in his fiction, have

“one foot in this world and one in the next.”

Dappled Things is a literary magazine dedicated to providing a space for emerging writers to engage the contemporary literary world from a Catholic perspective. Since 2005, Dappled Things has advanced the conversation about Catholic literary fiction in contemporary culture.


J.F. Powers Prize for Short Fiction 2021

Who is Eligible for the The J.F. Powers Prize for Short Fiction

  • Any creative writer who can express words via writing.
  • No age restriction
  • It is an international contest.
  • No application fee.


Submission Guidelines:

  • Only one submission per author will be accepted.
  • Please do not submit any previously published work.
  • Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but please withdraw your work immediately if it is accepted elsewhere.
  • Please include in your contact information, including e-mail and mailing address, in your cover letter, as well as one or two lines with your biographical information as you would like it to appear if published.
  • The word limit is 8,000 words. Longer submissions will be returned unread.
  • Using only the online submission system, submit a story of up to 8,000 words.
  • The deadline for submission is 30th November, 2020.


What are the prizes?

  • 1st place: $500
  • 2nd place: $250
  • Up to 8 honorable mentions: publication in the journal and a one-year subscription.


Good Luck!

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