Huck Magazine is Accepting Pitches

Huck Magazine seeks independent culture, people and movements that paddle against the current.
Their commissioning editor is looking for political, activism, and culture pitches. At Huck Magazine, they seek pitches or tips on politics and activism –

“They accept pitches on culture, press releases, tips, plus invites for music, film, and sports, especially if there’s an interesting scene or story.”


Submission Guidelines for Huck Magazine Pitches

Huck Magazine publishes news, profiles, interviews, reportage, opinion pieces, and photo essays across digital and print. They also commission original documentaries and films.

Huck Magazine is accepting pitches

How To Pitch a Story for Huck Magazine

  • Get acquainted with Huck: get a feel for what they do before pitching. Spend some time on the website; go through an issue of the magazine.
  • Keep it short: be concise, your pitch should be around 2-4 paragraphs.
  • Think about the format: The best way to avoid your email getting lost is to format your subject line this way: PITCH: [insert concise suggested headline]. Please do not send completed stories.
  • Pitch stories, not ideas: an idea is abstract, and a story is a concrete. Read this useful explainer here.

Huck magazine seeks pitches in these categories

Features: Huck Magazine wants reflective pieces, with original reporting, that comment on current social and political landscapes.

Profiles: Seek out exciting characters shaping independent culture today: artists, filmmakers, photographers, skaters, surfers, and activists.

Opinion: they are looking for strong perspectives pegged to current news, delivered concisely. Carve out a unique and intelligent take, and think about what makes you the correct voice to take it on.

Photo essays: Visual storytelling that shines a light on social injustice and champions creative counterculture.


Send your pitches to [email protected].




The pay ranges from £130 – £200, depending on what you have to offer them.



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