How to Make Your First $10, 000 as a Ghostwriter
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How to Make Your First $10, 000 as a Ghostwriter

Can you make your first $10,000 as a ghostwriter?

You can! The industry of ghostwriting has grown to a whole new level. From freelancing to even large agencies that provide ghostwriting services.

These agencies have numerous ghostwriters who said they earned as much as $10,000-50,000 for their first ghostwriting project. This was one reason why I wrote this article, on ways by which new writers can make such money, too.

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Ghostwriting is mostly associated with book projects that can range from academic papers to comic books and even screenplays. Book writing is a comprehensive, qualitative, and time-enduring task. So, being a ghostwriter is not as easy as one may think.

The figures that one can earn through ghostwriting are certainly not a reason to become one. However, skills are important. You can’t pursue a career in ghostwriting if you don’t know how to present yourself in words.

An independent study revealed that investors spend trillions of dollars hiring Ghost Book Writing Consultants & Services.

This article presents steps provided by experienced ghostwriters who were able to take advantage of this opportunity.

This post will answer any question on how to enter the industry and also on how to secure your first large pay cheque as a ghostwriter.

These are the key points to consider and take into account to become a ghostwriter that can earn a handsome amount in a single project:

How to start as a ghostwriter

Read. Read. And Read.

The first thing you need to possess as a ghostwriter, as in any other profession, is skill. And, there is enough information on the internet; all one needs to do is read. Read articles on how it works, and read articles on how it doesn’t work.

Also, there is the need to write. After writing, one can go ahead to pitch to writing agencies, or one can submit to or approach renowned blogs and magazines, asking them to place your article on their site as a guest blogger’s post. This will create a strong portfolio for you to directly present yourself as a potential writer/ editor who is willing to offer her services to anyone who is in need of them.

The writing experience as a ghostwriter

Experience cannot be overemphasized. Before you decide you want to pursue a career in ghostwriting, you must have done pretty well at writing.

This is because the amount you earn as a ghostwriter is based on your experience as a writer. Therefore, to earn $10,000 for your first ghostwriting project, you must have a reputable portfolio as a writer. Recently, the trend of presenting gathering previous writings on blogs (or old write-ups in different magazines) and compiling them into a book began. A few ghostwriters confessed that it is indeed a very good idea for them, and they advised others to do the same.

For example, a friend of mine used to write on dating, and how to make relationships work. Recently, he got a project related to a love story. All he had to do was to extract from some of his previous writings and write some more. What this did for him was, it saved him the time and effort it would have taken to begin work on a blank page and with a mind that knows little about the project.

What you will encounter as a newbie ghostwriter

Just as in every job, at the start of a ghostwriting career, one will have to start with an entry-level task or job. The entry-level job or task involves taking on lower budgeted projects of writing books that wouldn’t require much comprehensive and in-depth researching to it. Though if you come ready-made, there will be a line of books for you to work on even before you have completed the first project.

Many ghostwriters, in the beginning, tend to give up or give in to the pressure, considering ghostwriters do a lot of multitasking. However, as time goes by, you will find out it’s not as impossible as it could appear to be.

How long does it take a ghostwriter to compile a book

As mentioned above, most ghostwriting comprise book writing, which is a time consuming and a comprehensive task. Approximately 90% of the projects provided to a ghostwriter are book-oriented.

A novel-length book, for example, could take from six months to a year or even more to finish. Proving to be a long-time commitment and that exactly is why the quality criteria are essential and so is the time consumed. In return, the pay provided to the ghostwriter is high.

Other than a good pay and time relaxation what is the plus to ghostwriting?

Many ghostwriters went on to answer this in various ways, all leading up to the same point:

The thrill of writing and presenting a story to the audience; the excitement that comes with writing a book. There is a kind of self-satisfaction that comes with it.

That you write for a living shows your an intellectualism and boosts your confidence. It also and makes you an exception, as not everyone can proudly proclaim that they are a writer/ author or have written a book. The feeling of accomplishment is indescribable and acts out as a constant feeling of inspiration.

Best of luck.

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