Fountain Essay Contest 2022/ How to Submit (Prize: $2,100)
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Fountain Essay Contest 2022/ How to Submit (Prize: $2,100)

THE FOUNTAIN ESSAY CONTEST 2022 is now accepting submissions!

After the pandemic of 2020, which was the Covid era, everyone’s lives seem to be taking off for a fresh start. The fountain essay content for this year sees this as well.

Vaccines have been made available, people are cautious in their interactions with less handshakes and kisses, and despite ups and downs in new cases and deaths, signs for “revival” are getting more visible every passing day.


This is why the theme of this year’s FOUNTAIN ESSAY CONTEST is Revival.

  • What does revival mean to you? How do you revive?
  • Is getting back to “normal” a revival when there is a new normal every day? What is your new normal?
  • Having faced the reality of death grievously during the pandemic, what would “revival” mean to those who lost their lives and to their loved ones left behind?
  • How has your perception of life changed as we have realized our fragility and could not prevent the loss of millions?
  • Do you believe in revival after death, and how did you rely on these beliefs during the pandemic?

Writing can be a way for people to heal. And it if for this reason that the organizers of this competition feel that the essays should be a tool to heal. They are expecting your essays on “revival”. To hear your story which can be a source of healing for you and others.

Eligibility for the Fountain Essay Contest 2022

  • Submissions deadline is April 1, 2022.
  • Contest is open to all writers worldwide.
  • There is no age limit set.
  • Ideal word count to be between 1,500 and 2,500.
  • Submit to the official submission site 
    Fountain Essay Contest 2022

How To Submit

  • Make your submissions to the official  website.
  • Follow the provided link and fill in the form then attach your document below.

Prize for Fountain Essay

  • 1st Place – $1,000
  • 2nd Place – $500
  • 3rd Place – $300
  • Two Honorable Mentions – $150 each.



Good Luck!

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