How to Get Blog Post Ideas That Inspire People
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How to Get Blog Post Ideas That Inspire People

Being a content creator can be difficult, the expectation to generate original ideas can be so daunting and exhausting. Whether you are a YouTuber, an Instagram influencer, a blogger or even just a writer for an digital marketing agency, creating content can be very challenging.  Given the competition in the industry, it can cause fatigue or writer’s block to set in.

However, nothing compares to the priceless loyalty you garner from your readers and subscribers. While many people consider this line of work a relatively easy one, many others struggle to create content their visitors will enjoy.

Lifestyle gurus and bloggers work hard to create blog content that moves their readers or viewers.

And while one may have several ideas, not all those ideas inspire or interest one’s audience. For instance, when writing about an issue that you are passionate about, words will flow out of you and you will be done with your work in no time, but if it is a topic that just can’t spark inspiration, you’ll be in trouble.

You can spend days trying to come up with ways of broaching the topic and still come up blank. Even when there are so many ways of approaching a given topic, none of them will feel right, and if you don’t write it to your satisfaction you might not get the result you were hoping for.

Most bloggers recommend ploughing through the inspiration-block to write whatever comes to you (while muting your inner critic). Chances are that, at the end of the day, you will have a sense of accomplishment, which will hopefully guide you out of this block. Not every creative person adheres to this strategy.

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What we all agree on is this: people absorb content that they feel they can relate to. They prefer gratifying content that makes them feel good about themselves.

Many people surf the internet to feel human and connected to the world. And since there is already a ton of content on the web already competing with memes and listicles, content creators have to be very creative and intentional about the things they put out.

In order to stand out from the crowd, content creators must produce stuff that can actually capture and hold everyone’s attention.

Here are tips that will show you how you can get blog post ideas that actually inspire people:

Be Positive

Being positive means that whatever you write, try and put an optimistic spin on it. Trying too hard will reflect in your writing, but if you want to inspire, you want people to be open to possibilities and for that to happen they must be in an optimistic place.

So start off your blogs on a positive note, like reminding people of how far they have already gotten in life or that they are doing the best they can or even reminding people how it’s okay to not be okay with something. Such reminders will make people want to read your entire posts so try and maintain that positivity throughout.

Be Passionate

If you are not passionate about the subject, then pretend until you start thinking the passion is real. In order for a message to be effective, you must believe in the message yourself.

So try and be as passionate as possible, Passion is infectious, so you being passionate about something and talking about it with your readers through any medium, will likely lead them to share their passion with you.

So try and create a space where people can talk about their passions without being judged and a space that addresses the feelings behind any work of art. Sharing their previous feats will help them find inspiration and you might find it there too.

Don’t List Problems

Everyone lists problems, the news does it, other content websites do it as well, but you should not do it. Instead, offer people solutions to those problems and trust me you will find yourself in a different space of mind. Being able to focus on things like solutions can actually set you forward as it trains your mind to be more action-oriented and think about what to do next when faced with a problem. Listing solutions are also the more optimistic thing to do and will encourage people to think more about the solution of their problems as opposed to being focused on the problems instead.

Share A Story

Share your experiences and make your readers your confidant, let them know how you changed your perspectives and allow people to learn from your experience, maybe even create a space for people to share their own stories with each other and learn more about each other. It is very important to create a space that allows people to share their experiences so that others too can draw inspiration from the stories. Creating a space where people can be honest about themselves and their struggles to find inspiration will help you too.

Appeal To Their Value System

When trying to inspire individuals to share a story that says more about them than it says about you. So give people options, and try to see which ones they choose, and how people differ because of the different value systems they all come from.

Trust People To rising To The Occasion

Let your readers and followers know that when the time comes they will rise to the occasion. Hold this belief this about yourself too. In order to inspire people, you must let them know that while it is okay to try and learn from other experiences, their own situations are very different from those of others, because of characteristics and external factors, but when the time comes they will be there to make the right decision.


Whether you are a content creator or a writer for a digital marketing agency the one thing you should know about creating blog posts that inspire other people is that it should inspire you too. By creating a space on your blog where people may share their stories and experiences, you can have a constant input of ideas and inspiration from all across the globe.  And when wanting to inspire people, try and stay positive and passionate, while sharing your own story and trying to see where your readers are coming from based on their own experiences. This will allow you to make your blog space where inspiration runs freely.


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