Morality and Chilvary Is Everything : Ovo Adagha is at it again. He has a critical review of Finding Love Again on Angie’s Diary. I like Angie’s diary. Not just for its colorfulness but for the wealth of information it contains. It was nice reading one of Ovo’s pieces on this website. An excerpt:
”I like the tone of this novel. The tension of the narrative climaxes in the opening pages of the novel, ushering us into the emotional wreckage of Kambi’s life. Yet it is entertaining and hopeful at the same time. In this novel, love, passion and friendship, are some of the items that permit us to share the turning point in the life of a young lady who is seeking to control the tone of her relationship. Through the narrator’s introspection, the writer shows great capacity to surprise the reader with passages written in a compelling fashion.”

Phenderson Djèlí Clark writes an essay about The Education of a Would Be Speculative Fiction Writer. This essay is informative and entertaining. Here’s an excerpt:

“I was going to write speculative fiction, like the sci-fi and fantasy books I’d spent so much of my younger life reading. I was going to be a PoC writing awesome speculative fiction that no one had seen before, away from the run-of-the mill elves, dwarves and what-not. And the very novelty of my work would gain accolades and applause.”

Prepositions by Lionel Shriver  This short story won the BBC National Short Story Awards. Click to download and read.

2016 Costa Showrt Story AwardsShortlist: If you haven’t been following the Costa Short Story Awards, then you have been missing out. This  year’s six shortlisted storied have been announced and published on The Costa Arards website. You can download the stories HERE. And if you prefer audios, CLICK to listen to all of them.
LISTEN to Fallen
LISTEN to Rogey

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