Goodbye Elechi amadi By Bright Sado

Jul 1, 2016by Miriam David3

I watched from my mother’s womb, how those officers called you captain, I too did, but

novelist-captain I called.

Trees switch places when they hear your name, man of effect you are called.

Man of iroko, survival of that civil war. I remember how the rivers and state held you up

for service to human. Need I forget when the Universe in a city held u up for service to



Never will I forget.


Cry I will not.

Joy in my pot.

Fulfilled life that you lived.

Striking effect it brings.

I see your smile from here.

You see mine from there.

I am longer in my mother's womb.

I am now where you used to be, to carry-on your legacy.



Bright Sado Omo hails from Benin city, Edo state. He graduated from Ambrose Ali University. His first published work, In the struggle was adopted as a text by three Universities. He has won the short spam award for literature in 2012 and Edo State Pen Awards for Plays.

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