Goodbye Elechi amadi By Bright Sado

I watched from my mother’s womb, how those officers called you captain, I too did, but

novelist-captain I called.

Trees switch places when they hear your name, man of effect you are called.

Man of iroko, survival of that civil war. I remember how the rivers and state held you up

for service to human. Need I forget when the Universe in a city held u up for service to



Never will I forget.


Cry I will not.

Joy in my pot.

Fulfilled life that you lived.

Striking effect it brings.

I see your smile from here.

You see mine from there.

I am longer in my mother's womb.

I am now where you used to be, to carry-on your legacy.



Bright Sado Omo hails from Benin city, Edo state. He graduated from Ambrose Ali University. His first published work, In the struggle was adopted as a text by three Universities. He has won the short spam award for literature in 2012 and Edo State Pen Awards for Plays.

Miriam David

Miriam is a creative writer, short story blogger, editor and contributor on . She is an alumnus of the great University of Benin, a philosopher and an aspiring author of best sellers to come. When she is not writing, she is either working, keeping up with social media trends,reading novels, listening to good music, seeing movies or dreaming up stories.

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