Futurism Is Accepting Pitches/ How To Submit (Pay: $200-$500)
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Futurism Is Accepting Pitches/ How To Submit (Pay: $200-$500)

Futurism (Publications) is a digital media platform that covers science, technology, and medicine news that are changing the world.

Futurism.com is a Recurrent Ventures media company based out of New York City. Their mission is to bring to you the world, the news, the products, and the narratives of tomorrow, today.

Futurism simply means concern with events and trends of the future, or events and trends that anticipate the future. And that is what this publication is about.

Please note that the “futurism” in this context has nothing to do with the Italian art movement of the early twentieth century that aimed to capture in art, the dynamism and energy of the modern world.

Futurism (Publications) welcomes pitches containing elements mentioned below:

  • Advanced Transport
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Earth Energy
  • Enhanced Humans
  • Future Society
  • Hard Science
  • Off World
  • Robots Machines
  • Sci Fi Visions
  • Sponsored Content
  • Virtuality

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Submission Guidelines

  • They want cutting edge journalism and analysis on the latest emergent science, technology and medicine news changing the world.
  • The submissions are open to everyone. This means that anyone irrespective of their gender, age, race, or nationality can pitch.
  • Your pitch, if it gets published or covered is supposed to help people discover the latest science and technology news, and videos on breakthroughs that are shaping the world of tomorrow.
  • Submissions are accepted all year-round.
  • Simultaneous submissions are welcome.
  • To help you have a better understanding on what Futurism (Publications) would like to cover, you can go through their topics page on their website.
  • They should reply you in four weeks, but if you do not receive any response from them within four weeks, you can go ahead and pitch to other magazines.
  • Are you interested in sending a news tip, press release, or pitch? Email them at submissions@futurism.com


They pay about $200 to $500 per piece.

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