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Event # iyil2019 / CWN Will Be Tweetchatting With Ositadimma Amakeze About His Recent Fable Titled, Anụ Gbaa Ajọ Egbe

Have you ever considered writing a book in your indigenous language? Would you like to get tips from a polyglot author? Then you’ll be interested in joining our tweet conversation on Wednesday the 19th of June, 2019. At exactly 7PM,  Ositadimma Amakeze and Creative writing news (@cwritingnews) will be having an interesting Tweetchat. The entire conversation will revolve around reading and writing in indigenous languages (other than English). Of course, the author will discuss his writing process and how he wrote the brilliant book,  ‘Anụ Gbaa Ajọ Egbe‘. You are invited to follow this tweetchat on # iyil2019.


A few months ago, 2019 was declared United Nations year of Indigenous languages. In line with this, culture activist, Ositadimma Amakeze wrote and published a novel ‘Anụ Gbaa Ajọ Egbe’. It was his own way of practicing his cultural theory of Glocalisation. This brilliant author believes that writing in Indigenous languages is an effective tool for glocalisation.



About the Book

Anụ Gbaa Ajọ Egbe… is essentially a fable. The author wrote this book to promote and preserve some of the most interesting and important folktales which have been passed down orally, in Igbo land. The title which may appear controversial gives an insight into the clever and unpredictable tortoise. For where there is a tortoise, there are limitless possibilities. Remember, it was he, who chose to be addressed as “Unu dum”(all of you) when he joined a flock of birds to a feast in heaven. You better see why he is the Nkpọnkpọ kpọkịrịkpọ, one of a kind, no other animal is capable of begetting but she Tortoise herself!

You need not be troubled about how this conflict will be resolved unless you are unaware that words are spoken with wit and skills. Ever marvelled at how the tongue and teeth can coexist peacefully? Although the teeth crave for the taste of meat, it never tries to hurt the tongue.

Ndị Igbo would say, “the masquerade that dances at the village square does not dance for itself.” Mbe (Tortoise), who is the protagonist is in the plot and conspiracy with the other members of the animal kingdom. Names are deliberately written in the capital that each may stand out and therefore, be outstanding!

Full-scale humour is guaranteed, logical thinking required in quantum dose, and above all, the appreciation of animals as beings worthy of respect is provoked! This piece is unique, interesting, and captivating, especially for lovers of indigenous fables, it brings the reader back to his roots. This commendable book is an imprint of Purple shelves, a young and thriving publishing company in Lagos, Nigeria.


About the Author

Anụ Gbaa Ajọ Egbe‘… is the second Igbo novel written by Ositadimma Amakeze. His first, ‘Ọgazị Amaka’ has been read in several secondary and tertiary institutions, including College of Education Umunze. In no distant time, he hopes to unveil his poetry collection which is completely tailored in the Igbo language. He is the author of ‘Teeth of a Snail’ a captivating book, which is widely read; it was read in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. Ositadimma Amakeze is also the author of ‘The Last Carver’, ‘Medley of The Muse’ and others; all of which are accessible online at Amazon.com, and in bookshops.

He is the founder of Young Women & Men Creative Association (YOWAMCA), an NGO. YOWAMCA can be accessed via #TeamYowamca. Ositadimma is a certified ÓMÓ Ambassador Award winner, as well as a DICIDE Smart Ambassador. Recently, he received another prize at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. He hails from Nimo in Njikoka L.G.A, in Anambra State. He is also a Catholic priest at one of the parishes in the Awka Diocese.


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