Elegy For Award-winning Poet, Essayist and Columnist, Prof. Pius Adesanmi)

While we’re mourning the loss of the literary giant Prof Pius Adesanmi, I will be publishing elegie, tributes and essays in memory of him. Here’s one by Izunna Okafor



Roasted Faraway



(For Prof. Pius Adesanmi)



Beyond the shrubs of Sahara

Lifted a munt of brainy bond

Over the Mississippi of Ethiopia

Lofted a penner in his hunky thoughts



Across the bridge of a foreign land

Hovered a book of beautiful pages

Tightly enclaved yet as an Ireland

In a skull rounded in the clime of golden edges



Off the coast of Addis Ababa

Tears rang bell aloud

Beholding a star being staggered

In a nimbus of a faraway land



A heroic pen was raptly melted

As the book of many pages shattered across the ocean

A nation’s pride has become ashes

Making a wave in the hist of the deadly world



Oh! he was roasted faraway

Faraway his father land

Amidst tears in the eyes his nation

A great gem was ruefully tossed



The ashes of his fecund head

The cranes of his creative fingers

The cremains of his eagle eyes

Now pose lifeless in a foreign land



A hero is gone

A nation is mourning

He’s gone forever

Oh! He was roasted faraway


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