Cricket Media: Faces – Great Cities of the World (Lagos, Nigeria) / Pay: TBD
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Cricket Media: Faces – Great Cities of the World (Lagos, Nigeria) / Pay: TBD

Cricket Magazine is an award-winning children’s magazine, They publish both literary and non-literary. Also known as Faces, this magazine is for children aged 9-14 years. The journal aims to educate their audience about vital inventions and ideas from other cultures.

They pay writers whose articles, folk tales, recipes, illustrations are selected for publication.

Submissions are currently being considered for their upcoming literayr project. Themed, ‘Great Cities of the World: Lagos, Nigeria’, this edition is geared towards publishing  in-depth non-fiction that highlight aspects of various featured cultures.

Writers are free to send interviews, and personal accounts, supplemental nonfiction. Make sure that your subjects are directly and indirectly related to the theme.

Editors like little-known information but encourage writers not to overlook the obvious. They also accept fiction including retold legends, folktales, stories, and original plays from around the world, etc., relating to the theme, theme-related activities, and puzzles and games (word puzzles relating to the theme – no crossword).

Submissions Guidelines:

Features should be between 700-800 words,

And supplemental non-fiction should be between 300-600 words.

Fiction: Not more than 800 words

Do not send unsolicited manuscripts. They will be deleted. Send a query to the editors. Your query should be a detailed cover letter in which you’ll explain your intended project.

Send a brief bio too.

You might want to read How To Write A Short Author’s Bio: The Do’s and Don’ts of Introducing Yourself

Forward your query to:

Query deadline is 25 March 2019

Reliable sources claim that Faces pays contributing authors handsomely. We checked their website, their pay was unspecified.

Good luck

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