Writing Ukraine Prize Project 2023/ How To Submit (Prize: $1800 + Publication)
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Writing Ukraine Prize Project 2023/ How To Submit (Prize: $1800 + Publication)

The aftermath of war can be very disturbing, so much that it triggers a lot of negative happenings, things that the world needs to hear and see. What better way to convey such a story than through writing.


WRITING UKRAINE PRIZE 2023 explores on the issues of forced migration, rough lifestyles experiences of war, refugees, poverty, hunger, disease, loss of belonging and death as caused by war and greed. This year 2022, soon after the fix of COVID 19, the world witnessed one of the deadliest wars between Russia and Ukraine. Its rivalry brought immense suffering to the people of warring republics and to the entire world. The contest seeks poems that explores these themes. 


Eligibility for Writing Ukraine Prize

  • Contest entry is free
  • International entries are welcome.
  • The contest only accepts poems.


Writing Ukraine Prize 2023
Source: Zabelin (iStock| Gettyimages.)

Submission Guidelines


  • Three poems of any length (no limited number of lines),
  • New and Original Poems ( not yet published in any form online or in print)
  • Only text is required for submissions( no illustrations, arts abstracts or photos)
  • All submissions are to be submitted in English for now(that will be reviewed in 2024)
  • All previously published entries will be rejected upon submission
  • All late entries will be dishonored
  • Send in your edited work
  • Font should be Garamond / Times Roman 12 font size.
  • Document should be saved in word with (Writers name and surname)
    –       City and Country name
    –       Including writer phone, email address and mail address
  • Send your Entries to chimurengaratsauka@gmail.com



  •   The judges seek poets reputable on speaking truth to power, internationally published and globally anthologized, merited of competent poetry writing skills drawn from academic, literary, cultural, journalistic and human rights fields.
  • JURY criteria
  •  Is the writing /entry relevant to requisite thematic criterion?
  • Writing prowess
  • Creativity and literary depth
  • publishable submissions/entry
  • poems will be judged blindly ( no name will be displayed on the manuscript)




  • Submissions deadline is 15th December 2022.
  • Announcement of judges 15th of October 2022
  • Contests longlist (30th of December 2022)
  • Contest Short list (15th of January 2023)
  • Finalists and Awards Galore (30th of January 2023)
  • Writing Ukraine Prize Book Launch, 25th of March 2023, International Poetry Day)


  • First Prize – 1000 (USD), Laureate status at Time of the Poet Republic
    plus publication in the global Anthology,
  • Second Prize 500 (USD) plus publication in the global Anthology
  • Third Prize  250(USD) plus publication in the global Anthology
  • Five Special Mentions 50 (USD) plus publication in the Global Anthology
  • Thirty(30) Judges Choices (to be included in the Writing Ukraine Global Anthology).



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