Defenestrationism: 2020 Flash Suite Contest ($135)
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Defenestrationism: 2020 Flash Suite Contest ($135)

Defenestrationism is pleased to announce their eighth annual flash suite contest.

Flash fiction Suite can be defined loosely as a series of at least three flash fiction works that correlate and build to something greater. Recurring characters, extended motifs, harmonious subject matters, and/or sustained narrative are such correlations. Innovation and good ideas are highly appreciated.

Deadline for the Defenestrationism: 2020 Flash Suite Contest

November 1, 2020

Submission Guidelines for the defenestrationism: 2020 Flash Suite Contest

  • Word limit of 1,000 words for each individual piece of flash. The entire flash combines each 1,000 or less word piece into a longer work of reasonable length
  • Each individual piece of flash should function as a standalone work while still correlating with the other piece of flash. It is not a short story divided into parts
  • Title for the individual piece of flash is recommended. Then there should be a general title for the total work.
  • Zombie fiction will not be accepted. All other speculative fiction that doesn’t focus on the brain dead will be considered.
  • Edit, edit and Edit!
  • Send entry via email to (include a phone number incase our email is lost in your spam)
  • Email subject should be “FLASH SUITE contest”

Awards for the Defenestrationism: 2020 Flash Suite Contest

  • $75 for the winner
  • $60 for the runner up

Finalist will be selected by owner, co-editor Paul Newell Reaves and submission reader Chantelle Tibbs. Finalists are then published daily, till winners are announced. This is followed by at least two weeks of fan voting.

Winners are selected by a panel of four judges. You can meet them here.

We require only electronic rights, including electronic archival rights. Authors maintain all future right.

More details on the contest including past years winning entries can be accessed here.

You can click here for great writing ideas.

Good Luck!


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