CFW Freedom Magazine Call for Submission/ Prize (N160,000 + Publication)

CFW Freedom Magazine has announced its call for submissions from African writers to the December 2020 Collins Elesiro Prize.

Entrants may submit up to 1 previously unpublished poem, and up to 3,000 words for fiction and non-fiction. They believe in freedom of thought and imagination, hence our commitment to keeping the prize theme-less.

CFW Freedom Magazine only ask that you submit your best work. Accepting or rejecting a submission remains the prerogative of the magazine, and they will announce the judges in due course. 

They regret that they can’t contact all entrants, only those whose works are shortlisted. Shortlisted writers might receive editorial feedback and a request to revise prior to publication in our magazine.  

It is recommended that entrants download and read their  latest Issue 7: Passage (Freedom Magazine) before submitting”,


Collins Elesiro Literary Prize and CFW freedom Magazine

This year, the CFW Freedom Magazine continues its exciting relationship with Crystalinks Edu & Collins Elesiro. Their mandate remains to tell the best of African Stories and promote African storytelling as best as is possible.

CFW Freedom Magazine

Guidelines and Eligibility Criteria

  1. Must be African.
  2. There are no age restrictions.
  3. Entries must not have been previously published on any platform.
  4. Simultaneous submissions are accepted. However, if your work is accepted elsewhere, you need to notify the organizers.
  5. Entries should be submitted in English, but if written in other languages, please provide a translation.
  6. ONLY one entry per participant
  7. Fiction and non-fiction can be up to a maximum of 3,000 words.
  8. Identify entries for the contest by adding the appropriate edition of our magazine and the year. Here’s an example: #Dec2020Entry: Your Title.
  9. The deadline is November 3rd.

Benefits include:

  1. Cash remuneration of up to N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira). Any change in the value will be announced.
  2. E-Publishing contract worth N60,000 (Sixty Thousand Naira) for the top 3 entries. 
  3. A chance to be published in the “Freedom” Magazine run by cfwriterz community.
  4. Widespread readership and promotion of the anthology across our network.


  1. Register on the siteusing your email or social account to ensure your profile is updated before you submit your entry.
  2. Entries without an updated profile will be ignored.
  3. Visit the registrationpage if unregistered.
  4. Login before submitting or you might get an error message.
  5. Download previous editions of the Magazine from the cfwriterz store.


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