Content Creation At Its Finest: The Ultimate Guide For Every Writer

A decade ago, only a few people were aware of the true significance of content creation. Web content was used to address the basics of a certain product. The marketers were oblivious to the power of conceptualization. They never considered the need to educate customers let alone attracting buyers.

With the wave of modernization, industries have experienced a major shift. The professional writers have started to blend creativity and to connect with readers. Many great novelists, copywriters, and content creators, who have surfaced within the industry, each have their distinctive writing styles. The rising competition within the industry demands a result-driven approach to prosper. Where novices are in search to grab some successful tips and advice, marketers are counting on professional ghostwriters for hire to add a unique flair in their campaigns.

Content can only be of two types- effective and ineffective. If you want to go with the former one you must go through the guide summarized below:

Make the Introduction Appealing

Your introduction does not only gives an insight into your topic but it defines your writing style as well. It tells the reader as to how strong and professional your skills are. It binds the attention of the reader and motivates him to proceed reading.

When composing the introduction, you have to sketch the draft for your rest of the article to be clear about your direction. Once you have the entire idea and concept of your plot you will be able to think about the start for your masterpiece.

Plotting/ Researching

If you are composing a story, you need to have an interesting plot. Your plot must have the richness of characterization. It should be based on legitimate grounds. If you are sketching a setting, make sure to keep it brief. You need to ponder on the areas and aspects involved in your setting to add a realistic finishing.

However, when it comes to writing content for a blog or article you need to gear up with profound knowledge and extensive research. You must refer to the most reputable and reliable websites. You have to seek references from sources that are authentic. Note down the links to those sources as well because a high-quality blog offers important giveaways.

Don’t Be Too Complex

“Try to write in a simple way. Express your views with most appropriate words.”- Jai

One of the fundamental issues that many beginners make is to delve into complexities. It’s not necessary that by using intricate vocabulary or stuffing content with jargons you can make it productive. You must use words that can explain your message clearly. You need to compose such sentence structures that can deliver the right meanings across efficiently. You need to fulfil your content goals while keeping it precise.

Show and Tell

A good writer knows how to indulge a reader. He takes the reader into his plot and makes him experience everything from joy to sorrow, heartbreak to excitement. The readers feel connected. The story above all is interactive. Having an impressive plot in one thing and being able to pen down impressively is another. You have to ponder on the latter one. Anton Chekhov once stated, “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”


“Right click on a word to use the thesaurus. Do it again on the new word and make the best use of your vocabulary.”- John England

The dictionary has words more than you can imagine and most importantly, it has such a variety of words that can help you express a single emotion in multiple ways. All you need to do is enrich your vocabulary treasure and gather better phrases. Sometimes a simple combination of words covers an issue most comprehensively. In the book “50 Essential Tools”, Ray Peter gave classic advice about word selection. He said, “Choose words the average writer avoids but the average reader understands”.

Same goes for sentence structures as well. Begin your sentence with two things the “subject” and its “verb”. To support your message do careful use of adverbs. Adverbs can either enrich your messages or can dilute your verb, so be conscious.

Proofread Extensively

Though you have poured your heart out in your content; however, when it comes to rechecking you have to be aggressive and heartless. You have to be your own enemy and check without even bothering to care how much efforts you put in your content. If it’s wrong it should be considered as wrong and corrected. “Remember: when people tell you something’s wrong or doesn’t work for them, they are almost always right.”Neil Gaiman

Even the professionals do make mistakes, it’s no shame. You have to be sure about each section. You have to check the sentence structures, typing errors and readability of your content.

“While spell-checking programs serve as a good tool, they should not be relied upon to detect all mistakes.”Douglas Davis

It’s good to use tools to check grammar or plagiarism but one should not totally rely on them. You must look for flaws on your own.

Seek Inspiration

“Read great writers for inspiration. If you read them enough, their excellent writing style will rub off onto your dazzling blog.”Mark Twain

A good writer knows the significance of reading. Every great author, columnist, or novelist recommend reading stories, and books of professionals. You must never stop learning no matter how far up the ladders you climb. Here is a list of some top books that can help you to compose engaging content.

  • Elements of Style- William Strunk Jr.
  • Bird by Bird- Anne Lamott
  • On Writing Well- William Zinsser
  • Zen in the Art of Writing- Ray Bradbury
  • The Writing Life- Annie Dillard

Wrap Up

Your writing tells who you are. It depicts your personality and level of intellect; therefore, when planning to compose even a short paragraph about something, make it great.


Author Bio:

Gerry Wilson is a blogger by passion and programmer by profession. With having a tech background and experience in IT development services, Gerry is eager towards exploring the modern-day tech landscape. With having an interest in technology, Gerry writes about leading-edge technologies, gadget, smartphones, laptops, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and much more. Follow @GerryyWilson on twitter for further details


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