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Collection of Short Stories: A Handful of Dust and It Wasn’t Exactly Love

Now everyone knows I enjoy reading and writing short stories. So I will be looking forward to getting my own copy. If you write a lot of short stories like me, then you will want to look out for these Kachifo Limited’s Farafina Tuuti two latest collections:

1) It Wasn’t Exactly Love: a collection of short stories from the 2012 class of the annual Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop. The stories in this anthology cover a range of themes – marriage, sex and human relationships – with depth and honesty.


2)A Handful of Dust by Farafina Trust Workshop Class 2013
A Handful of Dust speaks of the myriad struggles faced by contemporary Africans, with themes ranging from love and sexuality to the true meaning of home. A Handful of Dust is an anthology by the 2013 class of the annual Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop.

Expect more imprints from Kachifo Limited.

Copies are available from both online retailers and in bookshops nationwide. To order, please email orders@kachifo.com, or call 0807 736 4217.

I will be willing to publish reviews on the CWN blog. Happy reading.

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