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In Part 1, I discussed online critique groups. I got feedback from people who preferred face-to-face meetings.

So I did some research.

If you are in Lagos, you’re in luck. You can join Writers Bloc critique group.

Writers Bloc is an exclusive group. They place a priority on offering critiques to members. Membership is based on recommendation from members or trustworthy writers, and email submissions which will be screened by writers to certify eligibility. Writers Bloc meets at given locations within Lagos, and ‘are fundamentally a cosmopolitan group of writers’.

Group activities, besides making coffee merchants richer, include: author-reader interactions. They host popular authors and ask them all sorts of questions. Writers Bloc has had guest such as aEghosa Imasuen of Fine Boys, Igoni Barrett of BlackAss and Matt Wyman (YA author from the UK). They have also hosted editor, Anwuli Ojogwu. Early this year, they got a chance to read the shortlisted books for the Etisalat Prize (as part of the prize’s way of publicizing the contest).

Their current PET project is a collection of stories submitted and workshopped by members. They hope to work with good editors to make this maiden edition a huge success.

Want a recommendation? Follow the blog and look out for updates. Writers Bloc is currently not accepting unsolicited applications.

Please leave comments if you have other critique groups in your locality. I’m sure you’ll get more willing members.

How do you get critiques? Leave suggestions in the comments section.

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