17 Jul, 2024

Speculative Fiction: Everything You Need To Know About This Genre {Definitions + Tips + Examples + Opportunities.}

Speculative fiction is becoming more and more popular. Many budding and professional writers are constantly trying to break into this fantastic genre. If you’re new to SpecFic, you’re probably wondering, what is speculative fiction? Or what are the best examples of speculative fiction?  Horror, science fiction, alternate history, and black speculative fiction all fall under […]

24 mins read

How To Write An Autobiography, A Biography and Memoir.

Every writer will, at some point, be presented with the opportunity to write creative non-fiction. In this article, the prolific biographer. Mike Ekunno, teaches us how to write an autobiography, biography, and memoir. Ready to learn from this maestro? Keep reading. To understand how to write an autobiography, you must consider how a biography differs […]

15 mins read

Recommended Short Stories You Can Read Online. This Edition Features Stories by Simbiat Haroun, Adams Adeosun, and Chidiebube onye Okohia

Some short stories make you cry, others make you gasp. But there are some that just show you something and that’s all they do. This week’s recommended stories include stories by Simbiat Haroun, an alumnus of the 2018 Purple Hibiscus Creative Writing Trust, Adams Adeosun whose “Beloved” (published in “Limbe to Lagos”) is so achingly […]

7 mins read