Brittle Paper, one of Africa’s leading literary platforms, has announced that it will be releasing Holy Sex: A Nigerian Church Erotica by Obinna Udenwe.

Holy Sex is a dark and humorous tale that breaks the silence around the Nigerian church as an erotic space. The novella chronicles the sexual exploits of Pastor Samuel, the General Overseer of Saving Grace, Inc.— a new generation Pentecostal church in Lagos. Pastor Samuel is rich, charismatic, and handsome. But when he isn’t delivering inspirational sermons, performing miracles, and winning souls for the Lord, he is engaged in all manner of illicit relations with female congregants, who he abandons the moment the relationship becomes inconvenient.

The work is relatable in ways that hit close to home. The Nigerian media has repeatedly been rocked by high-profile scandals exposing the erotic underbellies of new-generation, mega churches preaching the prosperity ministry while amassing huge amounts of wealth. Udenwe uses these real-life events as inspiration for a part delicious, part disturbing story about sex in the House of God.

Holy Sex is told as a direct address to the reader in an easy, gossipy, and conversational style. The story is addictive and might shock the faint-hearted; but it is also an exposé on the twisted underbelly of Africa’s new-generation churches.

In the masterful hands of Obinna Udenwe, award-winning author of Satans and Shaitans, the urban African church is imagined as a territory of forbidden desire where illicit sex intersects with faith to create a space rich for storytelling.

Holy Sex began as an online series. After nearly a hundred thousand views, it is taking on a new life as an e-book available for download on Okadabooks and Amazon.


Obinna Udenwe is one of the African writers fearless enough to delve into controversial issues. He is the author of the award winning Satans & Shaitans – a conspiracy crime fiction set against the backdrop of Nigeria’s ongoing terrorist tension. With Holy Sex he brought to bare the hypocrisy in the church and turned the ‘sacred’ pastor figure into an erotic object.

His short stories on sexuality and eroticism have generated some discourse, and appeared on Brittle Paper, Expound Magazine, the Kalahari Review, Fiction 365, Munyori Literary Journal, The Short Story is Dead Vol 1 &2 and African Roar. Obinna is the winner of the ANA Prize for Prose Fiction 2015, the Nigerian Writers Award 2016, the National Top 12 Award 2009 and the African International Achivers Award 2012.


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