Briar Press New York/ How to Submit (Publication + Royalties)

Briar Press New York is a publishing house that specializes in Romantic Fiction.

  Briar Press New York specialize in all things Regency, Victorian, Gothic and Suspense.  At Briar Press are book nerds—they love books!—and they are enthralled by anything to do with history.  The publishers at Briar Press, editor-in-chief and artistic director have spent decades working in the arts, design, and book worlds, and hold Masters Degrees in Literature, Visual Arts, and Library Science.

In addition to fiction, Briar Press New York will be launching Briar Press Magazine, an online quarterly of prose, poetry, images and book recommendations.  In 2022 Briar Press New York will begin publishing bespoke re-prints of vintage Gothic titles from the 1960s and 1970s.

Briar Press New York

Submission Guidelines for Briar Press NY

  • Submit your novella in Word or PDF format (author’s name, title and page numbers must be present on the ms) to [email protected]
  • Please include a short cover letter with any pertinent info about your previous publishing history if you have been published before. Please make sure to include your contact info.
  • Briar Press NY is looking for a Novella in the Gothic tradition, previously unpublished and set in any historical time period and place/culture up until 1970.
  • They are looking for beautiful writing, an engaging plot, memorable characters, and that authentic Gothic atmosphere (classic tropes are welcomed, but we also want substance and depth!)
  • 75 pp – 150 pp long (18,000 to 38,000 words)
  • Excerpts may be previously published, but whole book may not be.
  • DEADLINE: 15th July, 2022. ANNOUNCED WINNER: 30th August, 2022


Publication with Briar Press NY in Autumn 2022, including Briar Press social media and Goodreads presence, marketing assistance and guiding, all design and publishing of book in digital and soft trade-back, and standard author percentage of royalties.


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