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BBC International Radio Playwriting Competition 2012

Get writing,  right now!
The long-awaited BBC InternationalRadio Playwriting Competition 2012 has opened for the year. The competition opened on 1st May, 2012 and will close on 31st July, 2012.

The BBC World Service and the British Council run the International Radio Playwriting Competition. This playwriting competition creates several opportunities for budding and professional writers of non-UK residency.

The competition is in two categories: the first, for writers with English as their first language; and the second, for writers with English as their second language. Thus, there are two first prizes for the two categories. Their prize includes a trip to London to watch the play being recorded, attendance at an award ceremony and £2,000.

All scripts submitted must be a minimum of 45 pages of A4 paper (or equivalent) and a maximum of 65 pages.
Writers above the age of 18 are eligible to apply for this competition. The drama must be a 53 minute radio play with about six characters. The writers are free to explore any theme of their choice. Interested playwrights should ensure that the play has not been previously published or produced in any medium. Entrant’s original play should be submitted alongside the entry form, questionnaire and synopsis to radioplay@bbc.co.uk. Entries can also be delivered at any of the local British Council offices. The entry form can be downloaded from:THE BBC WORLD SERVICE WEBSITE.
Make sure to read the RULES and follow them religiously. If a play is either too short or much too long it may be disqualified.
Do not send your only copy. Manuscripts are not returned under any circumstances.
Be careful not to send amendments or further drafts once your play has been submitted.
Playwrights are advised not to send cassettes, CDs, videos or sheet music with the play.
To download the entry form, click HERE.
For more information visit the BBC International Playwriting competition website or the Commonwealth Foundation Website.
Again, Deadline is 31st July, 2012.
Good luck as you get writing.

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