AWID Feminist Realities/ How to Submit (Payment: 10c per word)

AWID seeks submissions from people who are “actively living Feminist Realities”. This could be in how they express themselves (fashion to social media); in how they care for themselves, their families, their communities (feminist parenting to queer kinship); and in how they are shaping their journeys and crossing borders (both in literal and figurative terms). Submissions could be in English, French, Spanish or Mandarin. The deadline for submissions is 15 May, 2020.


  • Black feminists; indigenous feminists; feminists with disabilities; feminists informalized workers (including sex workers); trans, intersex, and non-binary feminists; feminists affected by drug policy; feminists in migration; feminists from the Asia Pacific Region.
  • You could send submissions in English, French, Spanish, or Mandarin.
  • There is no submission fee.

How to Submit:

  • Send a prose piece (article, review, interview, profile piece, a statement, or even feature).
  • Or an artwork (photography, illustration, collage…)
  • Include a short summary of the submission.
  • The submission must reflect the theme “Feminist Realities”.
  • Submit here.


  • For writing, 10c per word.
  • For artworks, $50 per page, with a maximum of three pages.


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