Are you an anime lover? Do you watch anime or do you read mangas? Then this is for you. Anime Herald has opened its submissions window.

Anime Herald is an online publication that is constantly on the lookout for a wide range of opinions, commentary, and critiques, and welcome submissions from a variety of angles.

Do you have a great article idea that’s itching to get into print? Do you feel that you can talk about a topic better than anybody else? Are you itching to get the word out on a manga or anime that deserves more attention in the greater fan community?

Well, you’re in luck, because Anime Herald would like to hear from you.

The articles they run are selected primarily by the strength of the pitch that you submit, and any writing samples that is received with your submission.

Eligibility For Anime Herald Submissions

  • They also request that those making a submission are least 18 years old.
  • They prefer for the pitches to be in English.

Pitch Guidelines

  • Anime Herald prefers to keep content with at least a 50% focus on anime and manga. The remaining 50% is dedicated to fandom-centric interests (i.e. video games, fan art, cosplay, etc.).
  • Ideally, they would like to see works that fall under one of the following categories:
  • History: Features that look into the stories of their fandom’s collective past. This includes personal origin stories, convention histories, deep dives into classic titles, etc.
    1. Examples: Trains, Horror, & Video Tape: An Anime Origin Story, Yuri, 1919 – 2019, From Them To Now
  • Fandom: Commentary, analysis, or otherwise that relate to contemporary fandom-centric topics. This includes popular anime, cosplay, fan art, etc.
    1. Examples: From Nigeria: An Anime Community At Its Brightest Yet“We’re here! Together!” COVID and Otakon ‘21: the Con at the End of the Rainbow
  • Niche: These are your passion projects; works that are fueled by a specific, singular focus that you, specifically find important.
    1. Example: The Many Faces of the Magical Girl: A Breakdown of Types and Subgenres, How My Sailor Moon VHS Tapes Helped Me Transform Into A Musician.
  • Journalism: Investigative pieces that look into current events.
    1. Example: Customers Allege That Anime Bento Bilked Them
  • Interviews: One-on-one conversations with figures within the anime, manga, gaming industries and subcultures that relate to Japanese pop culture, or the greater anime industry.Anime
  • Interest: Articles that don’t fit cleanly into the other five categories, but instead cover perspectives or topics that would resonate with a bunch of anime fans.
  • Whether your article is accepted or not will hinge solely on the strength of your pitch, and the churn of the greater editorial process.
  • The anime publication accepts all viewpoints, including those that refute or challenge existing articles, or stories by our own team.