Ahoy Comics Short Fiction Submissions (Payment: $200)
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Ahoy Comics Short Fiction Submissions (Payment: $200)

Ahoy Comics seeks submissions of short fiction for readers of mature content.

At Ahoy, they believe their sacred duty is to find new voices and let them scream at the world. Thus, each Ahoy Comics magazine will include at least one piece of short fiction or social commentary. They seek smart, weird, funny articles or stories, which run between 500 and 1,500 words. For Ahoy Comics Short Fiction Submissions, they mostly want fiction for mature readers, pieces that uphold the story-telling legacy of comics. It could be a delirious rant, a personal anecdote, a tale of horror or even poetry. It can be about anything, but they have a soft spot for submissions with a dash of humor.

Guidelines for Ahoy Comics Short Fiction Submissions

  • Your story can be political, but they must not be based on events that might be outdated by the time they publish.
  • Whatever the subject, it must still be relevant a year from now.
  • Also, the 1,500-word maximum is pretty much carved into stone. They don’t plan to go above that limit. Their ideal length is about 654.53 words, give or take.
  • Writers will retain full rights to their works.
  • They will maintain the right to publish on this site and to reprint the story in a trade compilation or anthology. If they decide to reprint it, they will pay another 25 percent of the original fee. 
  • They ask writers to upload their work through the porthole on the Ahoy Comics website. It will take probably six weeks to reply – at times, we’ve been buried by submissions – but they will get back to you.


Ahoy Comics will pay $200 per story.


There is no specified deadline, but they ‘Open and close the submissions porthole’, so check back regularly. Good luck.

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