Africa Risen Journal is calling for Submission of Speculative Fiction Stories(Payment :8¢/Word)

Africa Risen: A New Decade of Speculative Exploration will take readers on a fantastical Pan-African journey through time and space, evoking wondrous worlds and wormholes, virtual realities and extraordinary new visions.

From stories inspired by indigenous African lore to the richness found in immigrant and Diasporan narratives, Africa Risen will gather new tales of earth and alien entities, scientists, spiritual guides, priests, and deities.

Featuring original works by the genre’s most exciting voices, Africa Risen is a celebration of African storytelling and speculative literature, a tradition both ancient and new.

They seek stories that excite readers and spark the imagination. Bold, powerful, and visceral writing that makes us think and feel. Ideal contributors will craft tales that reveal all the rich cultural diversity found not just on the African continent, but in every corner of our world, for Africa’s reach is wide and expansive.

These stories will examine the innumerable paths taken across time and geographies that have led to this exciting moment. This creative work celebrates originality and the imagined speculative futures that lie before us in this new decade, gathered in one book to reveal that Africa is not rising—it’s already here.
Africa Risen will be published by Publishing.

Africa Risen Call For Submissions

Submission Guidelines For Africa Risen

They welcome all speculative fiction subgenres and recognize its ever-evolving, moving borders, including but not limited to:

  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Afrofuturism
  • Black Speculative Fiction
  • Africanfuturism
  • Cli-fi
  • Cyberfunk
  • Fantasy
  • Sword and Soul
  • Horror
  • Horror Noire
  • Rococoa
  • Steamfunk
  • Blacktastic
  • Steamfunk
  • Dieselfunk
  • Black-tech
  • Black Horror
  • Blaxploitation


Contributors will be paid the SFWA pro rate of 8¢ per word for stories up to 5,000 words.

Please use the standard Shunn manuscript format.
Please email your submissions to [email protected].
They would love to receive submissions from you by April 30, 2021.


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