An SOP plays a crucial role while applying for any program and to any university. To make your application stick out, you must make sure to keep all the DOs and DON’Ts in mind while writing it. However, students mistake it as writing your biodata in an essay form, as a matter of fact, it should be more formal, organized, and precise. Several students, even those who have excellent potential, lose great opportunities just because they were too careless about their SOP.

In this article, you will take a glimpse at a few things that you should consider while composing your SOP for international universities.

Give it a storyline but Be Imminent about Yourself

By adding a storyline to your SOP, you can make it engaging and make sure that it does not contain monotonous statements without any personal or emotional impact. But, there are specific things you can keep in mind while composing your SOP. Giving your SOP a narrative construction does not imply that you can loosen the ends on your writing and engage in an informal, casual mode of representation. Also, you can’t use dialect or colloquial expressions. However, you can compose a good story using a subtle language, character, and attitude.

Generally, people would want to present the best they are to the reviewers. However, propelled by the desire to impress, several candidates provide information that is not correct and is a vigorous attempt to define themselves in a completely sugary way. It is recommended that you write your details genuinely. You should not hold back writing about any obstacles which might have influenced your academic or professional life in the past and you should assure that these problems will not affect your time at the university. And you have to make sure to write about how you handled the obstacle and what you learned from it.  


The principal objective of an SOP is to estimate whether the applicant is serious about what he/she aspires to pursue. And it’s not utterly about the seriousness, but also how competent or accurate the applicant is, or whether she/he has the genuine intention to join the program at that specific university. So, you must be very vigilant about not writing wearying things in your SOP.

When you are composing your SOP for any international university, you should affirm the following details:

  • The substantial purpose why you chose that particular university and that specific course
  • Academic achievements
  • Describe your experiences as a student or an employee
  • What skills and knowledge you want to obtain by joining that university and by choosing that specific course
  • What are your prospective plans
  • How the course would help you accomplish your ultimate goals

The First Paragraph and The Conclusion

Just like the first impression, in the same vein, the first paragraph can be extremely influential. So, when you are applying for your desired program, you have to be sure that the first paragraph is attention-grabbing. Do not overlook the fact that the reviewing committee contains the people from the department you chose to study, so they anticipate something that attracts them to read the whole piece. So, be sure to mention that you have the passion for the course you have selected. Similarly, do not write a long paragraph and boast about the discipline you chose.

And in the closing paragraph of the SOP, you have to be sure that you are carrying the positive note of why you wish to pursue this course and how it can help you build your career. Likewise, be sure that it doesn’t appear inadequate.

No Plagiarism

Even though it is a fact which is globally accepted, there cannot be enough pressure to put on this point, never copy the SOP from other sources. The reviewing committee is much brighter and knowledgeable than you think. When you are applying for any program, always anticipate the reviewer to be very skilled and the one from the same department you have applied for your course.

Hence, be sure not to copy (not even a single part) from any website or sample. The more genuinely you write about yourself, the more the possibilities are of you getting through the screening process. It should be about narrating your side of the story.

Be specific and Attentive

Compose a list of the notable things that occurred in your life, describe the association between them and exhibit it with a vigorous blend of vocabulary and exact sentences in your SOP. Be sure to select the occurrences from your life and write accurately about things that only add towards the purpose why you aspire to enroll in a particular university, why you picked this course for your career, preceding academic records and your character as a whole. Composing something that doesn’t add a value to the SOP is simply a filler and will proffer an inadequate impression of your appeal.


Several candidates disparage the importance of a Statement of Purpose and dismiss it as just another essay to be incorporated in conjunction with the application form. If you are one of them, then you are making an enormous mistake. An SOP is not merely an essay, but it is a written acknowledgment to a few implicit questions in a standard admission process which concern the motives of why you aspire to study in a specific university and what makes you ideal for the program you are applying for.

If you desire to write a decent SOP that is worthy of consideration, there are some points that you should keep in mind. In the above article, I have named a few of them, and all you have to do is to go through them before you begin composing your SOP.


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