Have you been looking forward to attending a creative writing workshop? Then you need to visit the Christian Monthly Library website. You might want to consider applying for the ‘writing that matters’ online creative writing workshop. The course outline looks promising enough.

Writing that matters online creative writing workshop is a Christian online writing workshop designed to teach the fundamentals and rubrics of creative writing. The workshop seeks to help budding writers hone their writing skills; to teach writers to write stories that seek to entertain and enlighten readers about the issue of an eternity. 

This opportunity will also serve as a refresher course for writers who are already writing Christian stories, and as a forum for socialization and networking with a growing distinguished crop of Christian Writers in West Africa.

The training module consists of eight (8) weekly sessions that will cover subjects such as story development, characterization, creating and using conflict, point of view etc. Furthermore, the learning structure of the workshop will be strengthened by practical writing exercises and reading activities.

Date: 2nd July – 20th August (Registration has already commenced)
Attendance of workshop is FREE of charge!

To see full details and register for the workshop click HERE,

Chioma Iwunze-Ibiam

Chioma Iwunze-Ibiam writes prose fiction and creative non-fiction. She is the founder of creativewritingnews.com. Her first novella, Finding Love Again was published by Ankara Press. Her second novella, The Heiress' Bodyguard was shortlisted for the Saraba Manuscript Awards. She currently works as content marketer for various online businesses. You can follow her at @cwritingnws.

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