Work Naija: The Book of Vocations, Now Available For Free Download
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Work Naija: The Book of Vocations, Now Available For Free Download

Most literary enthusiasts have been talking excitedly about the newly released anthology, Work Naija: The Book of Vocations. All I’ve heard are good reports. I have just started reading my copy. And I must say that it is beautifully written and hard to put down. From its engaging introduction written by 2012 Winner of the Caine Prize to the visual art and concept-based literature, everything has been perfect so far. The anthology was published by the amazing Brittle Paper and is available for free download HERE.

As the editor, Otosirieze Obi-Young, wrote in the press release,

“”Work Naija: The Book of Vocations is a concept-based literary and visual art project with special focus on the idea of work in Nigeria. It covers—in creative nonfiction, photography, poetry, digital art, fiction and commentary—the lives of Nigerians in 23 different professions: commercial sex workers, priests, scavengers, photographers, beggars, teachers, Keke Napep drivers, hairdressers, akara sellers, shopkeepers, barbers, culinarians, doctors, fishermen, hawkers, actors, construction workers, okada riders, musicians, morticians, cattle rearers, desert guides, and even the unemployed.”

Interesting right? Here are other reasons why I think every serious reader and writer should download and read this book.

  1. It’s informative and entertaining.
  2. It’s free and available on the Brittle Paper website. Click HERE to get the anthology for FREE.
  3. This anthology is filled with works by award-winning writers. It features 21 writers and visual artists. Some of the contributors include the 2017 Brunel Prize-winning poet Romeo Oriogun, the 2017 Caine Prize-shortlisted writer Arinze Ifeakandu, the 2016 Sillerman First Book Prize for African Poets finalist Okwudili Nebeolisa, the 2016 Short Story Day Africa Prize-nominated writer and photographer TJ Benson, the 2016 Nigerian Students’ Poetry Prize-nominated poet Chisom Okafor, the 2017 The Critic Challenge runner-up Ife Olujuyigbe, Praxis Magazine co-founder Jennifer Emelife, the 2017 Writivism Prize nominee John “Lighthouse” Oyewale, and the writer and filmmaker Umar Turaki. and a lot more.
  4. You get to read the works of award-winning authors and learn from their techniques.

Don’t wait any longer. The anthology might not be free indefinitely.

More from the press release:

Work Naija: The Book of Vocations is the second anthology in the Art Naija Series, a sequence of publications focusing on different aspects of Nigerian life. The first anthology, Enter Naija: The Book of Places, focuses on Nigerian cities and was published by Brittle Paper in October 2016 to mark Nigeria’s 56th Independence anniversary.


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