What Kind Of Writer Are You? 4 Genres Of Books To Consider

Consider this common scenario. There is a writer who knows that they want to write as a career. They have the skills to do so – even if they require a little practice to get there. They can’t think of anything else they would really like to do – or not as much. Yet, they are not entirely sure what they want to write about. This situation is actually pretty common – probably more common than you might think. The truth is, the writing sector is full of writers who want to write – who have a passion for it – but don’t know what their subject is. If this sounds like you, then take solace in the fact that you are far from being alone. There are many people in your exact situation right now, as you read this. So: is there a solution? Well, the key is to consider as many different genres as you can. Once you settle on one, you want to make sure it’s right. The last thing you want to do is waste your time. With that in mind, here are three of the most popular. Do any of these fit you?

The Novel

Novel-writing has its own kinds of benefits and drawbacks. The truth is, it is a very specific kind of person who is able to write novels and write them well. The chances are, if you are a novelist at heart, you probably just know it in your bones. You are probably prone to daydreaming, you are adept at observing what is going on in a social setting. You know how to capture a moment with delicacy and poise. The beauty of novel-writing is that it can really be anything you want it to be. There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to the novel. The downside of being a novelist is that you are unlikely to make much money. However, for the true-blue artist, that shouldn’t matter one bit.

The Self-Help Book

If you, on the other hand, have a knack for counselling your friends, then this might be your choice. Self-help books have a long history, starting with Dale Carnegie back in the early 1900s. While as a genre, it gets lots of mixed reviews, there is no doubt that there are some stellar publications out here. In order to write a successful self-help book, you probably need a point of view which is unique and interesting at the same time. The great benefit of this sort of writing career is knowing that you have helped people to live fuller lives. If you Publish A Book and Become a Thought Leader with Motivational Press or a similar publisher, you might do some real good. This can be a very good feeling indeed.

The Short Story

I have heard people say that the short story is a hard sell, but I don’t believe it. There are hundreds of journals dedicated to publishing short stories. There are also hundreds of prizes dedicated to recognizing talented short story writers. And so it’s a good place to start. It’s also a good option for writers who are looking to tell their stories.

The Travel Book
Last but not least, we have the travel book. This s a great option for the writer who just can’t sit still. If you believe that travel broadens the mind, and you know how to illustrate that point, then this might be for you. A good travel book should provide the reader with a unique perspective on a place they already know. Certain journalistic skills might come in handy here. Getting a deeper truth out of a place in order to shine a light on it – this can be rewarding work indeed. If you like the idea of travelling the globe with a pen in hand, then why not give this a stab.


So what kind of writer are you?

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