Video Game Scripts /(500$)
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Video Game Scripts /(500$)

Six to Start accepts Video Game scripts.

Six to Start has made known its interest in Video Game scripts, as they have opened their platform and are now accepting entries.

This is a London-based games developer and entertainment company. They have co-created the world’s bestselling smartphone fitness app called Zombies, Run!

The gaming company is commissioning new stories for Zombies, Run! They are seeking

“writers with an excellent ear for dialogue, an impeccable understanding of story and character, and the ability to produce first-class audio scripts to a tight deadline.”

Six to Start welcomes writers of all backgrounds, and especially those from historically underrepresented groups; to write video game scripts for their app.

The company would pay £460 (~$570 USD) per completed script, and writers are compensated at all stages of script development.

They have stated that this is a work-for-hire opportunity and you will be working alongside them to develop your ideas into viable New Adventures scripts, to which they will own all rights in perpetuity with no exceptions.

This round of submissions will close on June 30th, 2020. They will open in the future. A post

Guidelines For Video Games Script Submission

Their New Adventures brings the audio-driven running gameplay of Zombies, Run! to new stories and new genres. Walk, jog, or run in the real world and become the hero in another.

Your pitch submission must include:

  • Participants are to submit 1-3 ideas of no more than 50 words.
  • Two pages of dialogue between two or more characters, in script format. This can be taken from any project, but they prefer that it not be written specifically for this application.

Pitch submissions are not compensated. It takes 90 days to look into them.

If your submission is successful, they would pay for you to write a structural outline on one of your ideas as the next stage in the process.

Click here to submit 


Good Luck!

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